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food, coffee &family fun

A local hub for catchups or meetings, for business or for family fun.  Red Square Cafe has become a regular hang out for young and old.



We like to feed people and we're good at it!  From humble beginnings, we started out feeding the nearby hungry shoppers of Cambridge.  Every day we are slinging tasty, quick and easy takeaway choices but over time we have turned into something much more.

Our team of talented chefs cook a fun inventive dine-in menu that offers something for everyone.  From our famous $13.50 breakfast special, vibrant salads, burgers and so much more it's clear to see why Red Square has become so well-loved

Family comes first.

We are a family owned business and we want to give your children and ours a safe fun place to enjoy family time together.  With 2 separate, secure play areas kids can play and parents can stay... for at least 1 more coffee!

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